Head, arms: Comic Pack Zarana
Torso: Comic Pack #2 Scarlett
Waist, legs: Comic Pack #1 Cobra Commander
Vest: VvV Gung-Ho
AK-74: Comic Pack Cobra "Gas Mask" Trooper

Name: Voroska, Tatya
Birthplace: Odessa, Ukraine
Primary Military Specialty: Infantry (Spetsnaz)
Secondary Military Specialty: Demolitions
Rank: Senior Sergeant

Blue is a woman of few words, preferring action to unnecessary chatter; her fellow Oktober Guardsmen find her indifferent at best, surly at worst, but can't complain about her abilities in-mission and during tense firefights, when her fearlessness in the face of danger always shine through.

Trained as a Spetsnaz commando, Blue functions best in medium range combat situations where she has room to maneuver but is close enough to the enemy to see their eyes. She can seemingly size up an opponent, guess his next move, and react to it in seconds, and do so many times a minute, making her the ideal cover for any raid. If things get up close and personal she's an expert in a variety of hand-to-hand and knife fighting techniques; at a distance she is a high-ranked marksman with a variety of both sniper and assault weapons, including her own modified AK-74.

Raised by a machinist and his wife in Odessa, Blue has always been a rebellious sort, and has proven to be a constant headache for her commanders when not in the field, openly scorning "idiot" rules of dress and conduct (one reason for the blue streak in her hair) and perfectly willing to make her point with fists instead of words-all of which makes her a perfect fit for the non-regulation Oktober Guard.

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