Figure: Tunnel Rat (Hands: Snake Eyes V1)
Modified Gear: Throwing stars from a Dollar Store ninja figure
Unmodified Gear: Night Ops Snake Eyes grenade, Storm Shadow crossbow and quiver, Tunnel Rat pistol

My son's very disappointed that there aren't any 8 inch Joe girls. So am I. So I challenged myself to make Scarlett. There are lots of custom versions of her out there, but most use non-GI Joe figures and parts, which works well for those versions. I'm anal enough to insist on all GI Joe parts, and even hesitated to do a hand-switch because I'd only used whole figures without part swapping before this. I also don't like the Sigma 6 anime cartoon thing, so I wanted an ARAH version. Modifications to the figure include removing the hat (front part, at least), sanding and polishing the face (over and over again) until it was feminine, softening the arm and leg muscles a little, sculpting the eyebrows, hair, chest, hips, and behind, and trading her "manhands" for Snake Eyes's smaller ones. The ponytail was a challenge. It needed to be up enough to not restrict her head movement, but close enough to not get broken off in 5 minutes of play. So she ended up with the windswept-close-to-the-head look, after much trial and error. This adventure taught me that the epoxy putty I use is removable even once it's cured. In painting, I used the Sigma features to accent and update the ARAH look.

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