Head - Pirates of the Carribean Will Turner: Prisoner
Neck - Chap Mei head (modified)
Torso - Snow Job
Arms - Hardball
Waist - Outback
Thighs - Dusty v1
Lower Legs - Tracker

Glasses - Baroness (Comic pack)

It never occurred to me to do a self custom before now. I've seen a lot of impressive self customs by other people, but I never really felt it was for me. I just didn't think the parts existed that would work for what I would want to do. But then I grew my hair out.

AmazonGrl presented me with this Will Turner figure and said it would work good for a self custom of me, and she was right - the hair and facial hair are VERY similar. So it got me to thinking what else I could use. I wanted to have him be in my JoeCustoms shirt, which has mid length sleeves, so I sanded off some of the width of Hardball's jersey and dyed the arms black. I also sanded off all of the detail from Snow Job's torso. Outback's waist is a good, not too military waist. For the legs I had an idea to sand around the end of the thigh, following the knee joint round to make it look like shorts. It came out better than I had expected. I next hijacked the lower legs from my disappointing Copperhead custom and sanded off the pants detailing at the knees and smoothed out the calves, as I had not done a very good job of it the first time around. It's not an exact likeness, but it does the job I think.

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