Head: Mirage 02
Arms: Mirage 02
Chest: Mirage 02
Waist: Repeater 88
Thighs: Mirage 02
Feet: Mirage 02
Visor- Mirage 02
Stabilizer Arm- Repeater 88
Gun- Rampart 90 (modified)

I started my Mega Marine project after watching Aliens for the first time. Seeing the Colonial Marines helmets reminded me so much of Mega Marine's Gung-Ho helmet. After seeing what Master Collector did with the awesome Steel Brigade Gung-Ho, I knew that a new paint job could really save this subset.

After reading information on the Colonial Marines from Aliens and information on a real life US Space Marines project, I realized I needed more than a few Mega Marines. I opted for a squadron of 12 divided into two teams of 6. Each team would have a commander, weapons expert, tech/computer expert, vehicle operator, sniper/spotter, and a specialist.

The Mega Marine team can be deployed and ready for action any where in the world in 2 hours, and are also be trained and prepped for space missions if necessary.

Since Mirage was an original Mega Marine, he had to be here. I based all the all Mega Marines off of him so I didn't have to paint him.

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