Head : Ripper (mod. w/ V-Max hair)
Chest : Stalker (mod. w/ Headhunter shoulder strap)
Upper Arms : Firefly
Lower Arms : Beach Head
Waist : Cross Hair
Thighs : Firefly
Boots : Frostbite (mod. w/ Gen. Hawk knees)

The M.A.R.S. Corporation - Headhunter Security Division

Gristle is the Lieutenant of the M.A.R.S. Security Division and is the company's top sales executive.

As Lieutenant of the Headhunter Security Division, it is his duty to relay orders given by Arsenal, and ensure those commands are met under protocol.

As the company's top sales executive, he promotes new weapon designs and technological advancements made by the company, then arranges conferences for all interested parties. After a deal has been established, it is then presented to Lord Darklon for confirmation and approval.

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