Head - Kamakura Spy Troops
Arms ,Torso - Snake Eyes Single Pack Wave 1

Leggs - Alley Viper Single Pack VvV

Weapons - Doulble Swords Ninja Vipers
Guns - Various Joes

"Mantis" was a former Ninja Viper for Cobra under the teachings of "Storm Shadow". "Mantis" was a rather ruthless Ninja and didn't care much for following orders or the Ninja code of honor. Shortly after the "Ninja Battles" began, "Mantis" found himself drawn to the ways of the Black Dragons. He found there ruthless desire for total destruction and world dominatoin to be appealing. He later left the ranks of the Ninja Vipers to join the Black Dragons and offered his services as an assassin. "Whisper" the Commander of the Black Dragon Elite agreed to bring him in, if he could successfully defeat his best troopers. "Mantis" dispatched each one with his "Praying Mantis" style of Kung-Fu with ease. If it were not for "Whisper's" intervention, there would be no Elite Troops at all, because for "Mantis", every fight, was a fight to the death. Impressed with "Manits" thirst for destruction, "Whisper" made him his new and number one assassin. Now the Ninja Vipers, Red Shadows and whats left of the Arashikage Clan, along with the American Ninjas, keep one eye open at all times for the assassin called "Mantis".

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