Head - Snake Eyes Single Pack Wave One

Arms - Kamakura Spy Troops

Leggs,Torso - Storm Shadow JvC

The Black Dragon Elite are the personal guard for "Master Yin" the Black Dragon Master of Death. These warriors are extremely loyal and extremely obedient. They have pledged to give their lives to protect their master. The Elite Troops were hand picked by "Whisper" and trained to be the best of all Black Dragon Ninjas. With the exception of "Whisper" and "Miantis" these warriors are the Elite. The Black Dragon Elite, bear the mark of the Black Dragon over the mark of the Arashikage Clan. This was done to show their disrespect for the Clan that both Snake eyes and Storm Shadow came from. When it comes down to a battle the "Elite" are relentless with their attack and the fight rarely lasts long.

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