Head : Kamakura
Helmet : Headhunter
Chest : Destro (mod. w/ Headhunter shoulder strap)
Arms : Destro
Waist : CLAWS Commander (mod. w/ belt)
Legs : Recondo (mod. w/ holster)

The M.A.R.S. Corporation - Headhunter Security Division

The Headhunters Security Division is a branch of M.A.R.S. that insures the protection of all, and any of the company's assets from outside threats. Ranging from experimental prototype data plans, technology in advanced weapons diagnostics, and any of the company's current state-of-the-art weaponry stock. Other duties include, patrol and surveillance of all M.A.R.S. owned facilities and realestates, as well as inspection of all vehicles and there contents entering or exiting the premises.

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