Head: BBi
Arms: Gung Ho VvV
Rest: PTE Figure
Beret: BBI
Gun, Holster: BBI
AK: Random new sculpt
Other gun: Ask the SS who sent it to me :)

Filename: Schrage, Jurgen (Real name unknown)
Primary Military Specialty: Infiltration
Secondary Military Specialty: Combat Arms
Birthplace: Potsdam, Germany

Jurgen was born in the slums on the outskirts of Potsdam in Eastern Germany then under control of the USSR. He did not know his father, or even where he was, but whenever he asked his mother about him she would simply tell him all she knew is he was called Schrage, and that he loved her deeply.

She died the day the Berlin wall came down and the day that Jurgen learned his father was a patriot of the Soviet Union even though he was a German. The night before his mother passed on she gave him the coordinates of a secret location where Jurgen would find the only thing his father left of his memory to them his family and the only legacy of his existence.

Days after the protesters walked away from the wall they had destroyed, and the history of pain they suffered and demolished, Jurgen paid it a visit too but only for a different past-based reason. Under the cover of night he dug 10 feet through under a specific graffiti image of Lenin to discover that which his father had left behind.

Inside the dirt-caked safe he found the gun with the drum he now carries whenever he goes into battle or any specific mission.

As the years passed Jurgen grew older and joined the German armed forces where he did a 6 year stint and received his special forces training. Upon leaving he was contacted by a person with one monacle and a face mask who told him he knew of his father's fate and would help Jurgen learn it if he only joined and swore loyalty to a man named Serpentor.

There was no hesitation on Jurgen's part and no regret of it to the "Coil," which was the organization Serpentor oversaw. To date the "Coil" has yet to reveal the truth behind Jurgen's father's disappearance and without any third intervention probably never will.

Jurgen does not much mind and serves blindly for a cause he does not understand, or believe in, because he has faith in the leader who promises him a better and more comprehensible future regarding his past. He took on his father's only name when he joined the organization.

" One day i will lay a wreath at my father's grave, and the lives of the many i have taken, will make that moment all worth it."


What can i say about this guy?

I thought RIT dying the PTE body would make the camo pattern much cooler due to it being dark.

It worked kind of well with Kabede but I needed it to work for the upper torso as well and only the original PTE one works as well with the legs (Kabede has pants which hide the skinny legs under the wider torso) and you can see that combo here.

The arms were also a good fit once I hollowed the shoulder parts a bit. The head is stuck directly on a PTE disk peg I think, and the beret fits him great cause its an original BBI one.

I made up the crap about Schrage right now cause this guy looks German to me. Don't know why :/

Also I added him into the Coils banking on the hope that he will be voted the best Coil custom cause there will probably be less customs in this category heheh....heh.

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