Head : Pit Viper
Helmet : Two Spy Troops helmets
Chest : Viper
Arms : Neo-Viper
Waist : Pit Viper
Legs : Cobra COIL

The M.A.R.S. Corporation - Advanced Security

Project COIL was a secret plan developed by Dr. Mindbender to regain control over his greatest creation, Serpentor. This unit of specialty Vipers, known as Coil Vipers, were to be Serpentor's royal guard in a time of Cobra civil war. However, upon activation, Serpentor learned that these Vipers would follow orders exclusively from a man called Overlord, a genetically enhanced Dr. Mindbender.

After Overlord became the power from behind the throne, he knew Serpentor may attack the M.A.R.S. Corporation and attempt to seize control. To prevent that, Overlord attached a unit of Coil Vipers, known as Headhunter Storm Vipers, for advanced security purposes, and to ensure the protection and interests of the company remain in his control.

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