Head: Blanka (Street Fighter)
Torso: No Flak (Bronze Bombers)
Arms: Blanka (Street Fighter)
Waist: No Flak (Bronze Bombers)
Legs: No Flak (Bronze Bombers)
Wristband: Star Wars Ep.1 Accessory Pack

I also added stripes for a more camoflauged feel.

Dino Vipers are troops from the lowest in the Cobra ranks who are given a second chance to prove themselves...or at least that's what Cobra Commander wants them to think. As punishment for not performing up to Cobra standards, they are submitted as test subjects to Dr. Mindbender's crossbreeding of dinosaur DNA and man. The result is a powerful, instinctual beast on two legs. The only downfall is they are uncontrollable and do not follow orders. So they are each equipped with an inhibitor wristband which controls their aggressive behavior and allows any of the top Cobra officials to give them orders.
This was my first attempt at a custom. I actually did this custom about 5 years ago, but never had the time or equipment to post it here. I have many more to come...

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