Head - Beach Head V2
Torso - Monkeywrench V1
Arms - Updraft
Waist & Legs - Bullhorn

With a history of felony crime and run-ins with law enforcement in several states, sooner rather than later John Wriggly would end up behind bars. After a narrow escape from a maximum security prison Wriggly found himself in a bombed-out dive of a bar sitting right alongside several other WANTED men, namely Dick Blinken, Harry Nod, Tom Winken. AKA Buzzer, Ripper and Torch, Dreadnoks. Oddly enough it was Tom, Dick and Harry that recognized Wriggly first. The three mercs began raving about how they had rooted for him during the multi-state manhunt and the subsequent trial. The four men carried on until dawn. When it was time to head in the 'Noks asked Wriggly what he planned to do next. After a few moments and no answer Torch suggested he partner up with them, that Zartan could surely find some work for him. He adopted the name Chopper based on his affinity for motorcycles as well as what he liked to do to people that crossed him.

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