Head: Bbi w/Green Stuff beard
Torso, waist, legs: Breaker V1
Arms: Lt. Falcon V1
Helmet: Barrel Roll DTC
Backpack: PTE

I had Breaker's parts (including a pretty worn original head) lying in my parts box, and this was a good thing--for a long time I wanted to redo a spiffed-up version of one of the very first Joes I ever owned.

The problem came to be that the original head was just too worn to use, necessitating that I use a new head--and I had a Bbi one laying in the drawer with a brushed on growth of stubble, the perfect pattern for a beard akin to that of the original Breaker. Fortunately I also had a DTC Barrel Roll helmet handy (closest I could find to the original) and several PTE radio packs, which worked for his backpack. Now if I just had a RAM to go with him, my nostalgia would be complete.

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