Head: Sand Scorpion v1
Left Arm: Overkill v3
Rest: Guillotine
- Helmet: Hannibal
- MP5K: Destro v13
- Sword/Machete: Guillotine

File Name: Unknown
Primary Military Specialty: Infantry, Combat Engineer
Secondary Military Specialty: Close Personal Protection
Birthplace: The Netherlands (assessed)
Grade: WP-1 (Warrant Officer, Paladin Roll)

The two-handed Dacian Falx, a scythe-like bladed pole-arm, was reputed to be devastatingly effective; this is also an apt way to describe Falx, a Cobra Paladin.

Falx, a Viper Warrant Officer is believed to have been with Cobra since at least the beginning of the Viper programme, the time in the mid-1980s when Cobra developed a more specialised training regime for its troops. Although his true identity is unknown, it is believed that not only is Falx a highly skilled soldier but that he has also cross-trained as several other specialist Viper classifications, including as a Combat Engineer and a bodyguard.

Falx is said to have earned the Silver Serpent of Valour (and thus the status of Paladin) whilst securing Cobra interests in central Africa several years ago. During the anarchic period of the atrocities, a group of Rwandan rebels had pinned down his Viper infantry section, preventing them from securing a Cobra-affiliated mining operation. Falx single-handedly stormed the rebel machine-gun nest with a pistol and grenades, neutralising five rebels in the process and causing others to flee. In addition to saving his team, it is said that local civilians cheered him for eliminating a band of marauding murderers that had been plaguing the region for weeks. The blade he carries reputedly belonged to one of the rebels he killed.

Falx also holds a higher honour as a bearer of a Gilded Serpent Helm (GSH), Cobra's second highest award for valour. He earned this when he saved a Cobra general from assassination when a field headquarters in newly held Cobra territory in Sierra Gordo was overrun by a rebel force. Falx shielded the task force commander, Major General Omikron, from an RPG blast, saving the latter's life. Despite his injuries, Falx still managed to kill some of the attackers.

Falx wears a servo-enhanced exoskeleton on his left arm to compensate for the tissue damage he sustained in the RPG incident. Furthermore, though the GSH is intended to be ceremonial, it does contain a sophisticated communications and sensor suite and Falx brazenly wears it in combat.

* Another in my Paladin series of unique characters in the Cobra universe - soldiers who have distinguished themselves in the service of Cobra.

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