Head - Storm Shadow VvV Single Pack
The Rest - Black Dragon Ninja Battles

Ishi Owasaki, a Red Shadow under the leadership of Storm Shadow, was given the task to take out Kamakura. They battled for two days and Ishi was finally defeated by Kamakura and stripped of his honor by Storm Shadow. He was then dismissed from the Red Shadows.
Vowing to get revenge on his former master Ishi made several attempts to sabotage the Red Shadows and their operations, only to meet defeat each time. Shortly after his last attempt at undermining Strom Shadow and the Red Shadows he was found by Mantis - the Black Dragon assassin. Ishi had been badly beaten and left for dead, Mantis remembered him from their training under Storm Shadow. (Mantis had been trained by Storm Shadow as a Ninja Viper) He offered Ishi a chance to redeem himself as a Black Dragon assassin. Ishi was retained by Whisper the Black Dragon Elite Commander and was taught to use his thirst for vengeance and destruction to motivate him to be stronger and faster than he had ever been. Whisper turned Ishi into a lethal weapon and was given the name "Black Fang" the lethal. Black Fang serves the Black Dragon now but never forgets his quest for Storm Shadow.

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