Head - Black Dragon Ninja Battles
The Rest Storm Shadow VvV Singls Pack

In my Joe verse there are five dragon clans; Green Dragon Clan of Earth, Blue Dragon Clan of Water, Red Dragon Clan of Fire, Grey Dragon Clan of Wind and Black Dragon Clan of Death. This is my version of the Black Dargon Master.

Once Ichiro was captured Master Wang banished him giving him the name "Kuro Shikyo" (Black Death) due to the blackness of his heart and his lust for death and destruction. Throughout the school he was known as "Yin" (meaning death) Sometime later rumors began to surface about a ninja clan called "The Black Dragon Clan" lead by Yin the Black Dragon of Death. It was at this time Master Wang released his Four best students who had become Dragon Masters of the four elements into the world to start their own Dragon Clans to battle the Black Dragon Clan and restore peace in the world.

The Black Dragon Master of Death is to blame for the Ninja Battles being out of control.

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