Head (modded) and lower legs: Night Creeper VvV Single Pack
Arms, torso, waist, Upper legs: Baroness VvV Single Pack
Weapons: Ninja Battles

Lilly San came up as a teen in butcher shops of Japan. As she got older, she began to be sought after for skill with a blade. She found that the clients wanted to use her skills for other reasons.

Later after several rejections from by the Japanese Yakuza, to become an assassin for them, she met Mantis who had been watching her for some time. Mantis who knew of her butcher shop exploits, offered her an opportunity to become an assassin for the feared Black Dragon Clan. Lilly after passing the audition, which consisted of taking out a few local crime bosses was given the name "Black Widow" due to her alluring beauty and her deadly bite.

Black Widow is proficient at using poison, blades of all kinds, guns and hand to hand combat. Although she serves the Black Dragon of Death, her secret goal is to wipe out the leaders of the Yakuza and seize control for herself.

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