Helmet: Grand Slam
Head/Legs: Grunt
Torso: Lanard Figure
Arms: (Unknown)
Waist: Torpedo (I think)
Weapons Holster and Strap: Strap-Dusty Grenade Sash and Holster-Gung Ho.

General Hawk has been around and in charge of the GI Joe team for a long time. He has many and multiple accolades to add to his records.

In a new dio story I am writing, General Hawk and the Joes face Cobra in a last man standing war for the White House. He who controls the White House controls the world. As they make their final stand, the entire GI Joe team is slaughtered.

Cobra rules the world. Cobra Commander is the world leader.

Twenty years later, descendants from the original GI Joe team emerge. They are General Hawk, 1SG Duke, Snake Eyes, Gung Ho, Beach Head, Doc, Scarlett, Stalker, Breaker and Flint. Together, they try to put an end to Cobra Commander's reign of terror once and for all.

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