Head: Barbeque
Helmet: Destro
Chest: Zartan (mod. w/ trench coat collar)
Arms: Destro
Waist: Shipwreck
Legs: Shipwreck
Pendant: Cobra Symbol and Chain

Now when it comes to Destro I'm an Iron Grenadier all the way. I just find that version of the character far more interesting and appealing. But I also love the classic "chrome dome" version.

The tricky part of this custom, due to the open chest, was creating an unmasked version (which is what I didn't want to do). Unlike my Iron Grenadier Destro, his identity is completely revealed. But that simply represents the business aspect of the character. I'm sure Destro would prefer to look his customers in the eye as he explains the benefits or consequences of any and all transactions.
That's how I see each version of the character; version one is a business C.E.O. and version two is driven for revenge.

Customizer note: That collar was a pain compared to the helmet! But anyway this is my version one Destro. Let me know what you think.

Thank you for looking and thanks to the Joecustoms staff. Great work everyone!!!

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