Head: Duke v11 (modified)
Torso: Shipwreck v6
Arms/Waist/Legs Gung Ho v16
- Boonie hat: Cross Hair v1
- Tac-Vest: Gung Ho v11
- Rifle: Marauder Inc Pulse Rifle
- Pistol: Red Zone
- Radio: BBI Navy Seal Radioman

File Name: Unknown
Primary Military Specialty: Special Operations
Secondary Military Specialty: ISR
Birthplace: Canada (assessed)
Grade: OP-3 (Captain, Paladin Roll)

Polaris is believed to be an ex-member of Canada's tier 1 Special Operations unit, Joint Task Force 2. Intelligence reporting has provided a synopsis of his career in Cobra:

He served only six months combined in the SCALE and Viper Corps before transferring to Hellion's Special Operations Directorate as a SPEAR-Viper assaulter. As the organisation is quick to recognise talent and leadership, by the end of his first year within Cobra he was commissioned as a Lieutenant.

It's believed that he served as a Troop Commander for small SPEAR-Viper operations around the world, working with insurgent groups or assisting client states in Cobra's equivalent of FID operations. Missions Polaris is believed to have been involved in have included working with the Mayi-Mayi in eastern Congo to secure mining resource rights, training forces in the Caucasus in exchange for unspecified 'future considerations', and fighting alongside South Sudanese rebels to secure oil rights against encroachment by Khartoum and its allies.

It is also believed that he served successfully as a SPARTA-Viper for a time and possibly as a SPECTRE, make him also possibly a Crimson Guard. His current service as a training officer with the SPEAR-Vipers makes the latter possibility less likely.

It's believed that Polaris' actions in a battle in southern Sudan - which was actually a proxy fight between Cobra and Chinese-backed Sudan government elements - is why he was awarded the Silver Serpent of Valour medal. As a Paladin of Cobra, it's believed his nom-de-guerre - Polaris, the North Star - symbolises his Canadian roots and his status as a leader, as Polaris is also the guiding star for navigation.

ISR: Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance
SCALE: Serpent of CobrA LEgionary (Cobra's 'Blueshirt' Legions - Basic Infantry)
SPEAR: SPEcial Assault Regiment
FID: Foreign Internal Defence
SPARTA: SPecial Advanced Ranger - Tactical Assault
SPECTRE: SPECial Tactics and REconnaissance (the Blackest of Cobra's "Black Ops")

* Another in my Paladin series of unique characters in the Cobra universe - soldiers who have distinguished themselves in the service of Cobra

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