Head: JFAK casting
Body: Microman Kinnikuman Terryman (say that 3 times fast)
Right arm wrist band: SHS Ghost Rider
Left arm wrap: leather from old wallet
Loin cloth: dog toy
Diaper: leather from old wallet
Belt buckle: styrene, paper, sculpey, and wire
Boot fur: new sculpt Snow Serpent
Wheel of Pain necklace: thread, jewelery wire, and toothpicks
Dagger: BBi
Sword sheeth: Papo figurine
Atlantean Sword: casted hilt, styrene blade, green stuff details
Shield: LOTR minimate shield and arrow, Papo shield, Scarlet crossbow arrow

This figure was a labor of love. I got the Arnold head casting version of Conan from JFAK and had to make one based on Dark Horse's design. It was going to be based more loosely on his comic appearances, but the only iconic look I found was the movie version which suited the head perfectly. I did throw in the shield, which was based on a comic cover, mainly because I had the parts. This figure is a culmination of every customizing skill I have. There was dying, painting eyes, dry brushing, real clothing, sculpting (in both Sculpey and epoxy), parts searching, sanding, dremeling, jewelry making, sword sharpening, and styrene cutting. The only thing he doesn't have is a complex camo paint scheme. He's definitely a figure I couldn't have made even a year ago.

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