Head: Repeater
Torso: Scoop
Arms: Repeater
Waist: Bazooka v3
Legs: Bazooka v3
M-16: Marauder_Inc
Radio: Firefly comic pack
Backpack: Chap Mei

Warhead was selected for his multiple skills. He received basic training at Air Force infantry. One of the best in his class, was quickly directed to the programs of special trainings. He became a forward air controller precise, apart from bringing together the ability to conduct missions of reconnaissance and targeting of artillery.

He spends most of a conflict behind the enemies line, away from the protection of infantry. It is he who "guide" the target with laser, or even who does the visual identification of targets for attacks. It is he who helps pilots to differentiate a innocent cart from an enemy armored vehicle, a house of a central command. Whatever the situation in question, he is one of the first to hear the "boom".

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