Head/Arms: Checkpoint
Torso: Recondo v3
Waist/Legs: Grunt v9
- Helmet: Sgt Airborne
- Shield: Alley Viper v4
- Arm Guards: Lady Jaye v4 Spytroops gear
- MP5: BBI

File Name: Various
Primary Military Specialty: Close Personal Protection Bodyguard
Secondary Military Specialty: Security Inspection
Birthplace: Various
Grade: E-3 (Cobra Corporal) or higher

Upon completion of Viper Infantry Training, an unblemished six-month tour as a Viper and promotion to Corporal, Cobra troops are eligible to apply as COVER-Viper* candidates. Trainees undergo a rigorous training regimen during which they are trained, inter alia, in principles of security, close protection, counter-surveillance and offensive driving. Only the most loyal, selfless and dedicated graduate into the COVER-Viper cadre. From there they are tasked as body-guards to Cobra officers of the rank of Colonel and higher within the SCALE and Viper Legions.

(Legion Lieutenant-Generals and above may elect to have a hand-selected bodyguard, as is the case with Hellion and his Alley-Viper Elite guard)

*Close-protection Operator / VIP Escort & Recon

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