Head: Evolutions Anakin
Body: 25th Snake Eyes
Arms: 25th Storm Shadow

Excerpt from personal communication
From: Thomas "Storm Shadow" Arashikage
To: William "Kamakura" Kessler

"I am most pleased with your progress, Kamakura. You have come a long way from the boy who was manipulated by the Baroness and Major Bludd. The students you have helped instruct are some of our most formidable warriors, and Jinx tells me that you, yourself, are often besting her in combat. I have more faith in your abilities than any other member of our clan.

It is for this reason that I bestow upon you a most important mission. We know that Serpentor's forces are working directly with the Black Dragon Alliance, and that it was under Serpentor's orders that the Black Dragon annihilated our Clan. Your father was a deeply troubled man, with a mind full of hate. Serpentor, however, is a monster. The things that has done, the millions of lives he has destroyed...all without a single thought. I am deeply ashamed that my DNA was used to create this demon, and further shamed that the brain-scan they stole from me was used in the creation of one of his ten Praetors. That is an insult which you will correct. Our spies report that Praetor Thomas will be meeting with the Black Dragon leadership in Tokyo. I want you to eliminate him. Not only do I ask this for my own honor, but for the sake of our future. Serpentor may be occupied in Europe, but once he conquers Destro's forces, I'm certain he will turn his armies towards us. Eliminating Thomas now will assure that, when that day comes, Serpentor is unable to use my knowledge and experience against our reborn Clan."

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