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Body: Jungle Snake Eyes (Sigma)
Head: Snake Eyes

I really don't remember the rest.... I had bought a collection and just started using parts from it all. I RIT dyed all the parts black then added highlights of blue to him.

Generally Black Ice means "A thin sheet of clear ice which is dark in appearance and EXTREMELY hazardous in the winter..."

That's not too far off from Cobras newest Arctic Cold Weather Specialist. In his specially designed suit, which is fitted with heat modules and an air purifier, he can survive up to 9 hours at a time in -50 temperatures. His suit is thin enough to allow him to be as flexible as if he's in his civvies. To date, there has only been one non-camera sighting of him when Canadian Ranger Joe Canuck spotted him breaking into the Arctic G.I. Joe research base in Canada. G.I. Joe HQ wants all info on Black Ice to be kept Top Secret until more is known.

Joe Canuck says "I didn't see him coming until last minute! I saw snow & darkness, then a quick glimpse and I was out cold!"

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