Helmet: Custom cast
Head: POTF 2 Grand Moff Tarkin
Figure: 25th Anniversary Crimson Guard
Pistol: Golden Compass Tartar C96 Mauser

Baron Ironblood suddenly appeared on the world terrorism scene in charge of a fanatical group of followers called The Red Shadows.

He engenders fierce loyalty from his troops and there have been rumours and suggestions of brainwashing.

Although Action Force has managed to defeat his plans, The Baron has managed to effectively kill, maim, assassinate, extort and create terror in a way that Cobra Commander could only dream of.

After choosing to use the 25th Anniversary Crimson Guard figure as the base, being the closest I could find to the original design, the problem was the helmet. I thought about sculpting one, but then found an original vinyl helmet. I next considered casting it and dremeling it out, but the walls of the helmet would have been very thin, especially as I had decided to use the POTF2 Grand Moff Tarkin as the alternate head. I placed a Tarkin head inside the vinyl, closed it up at the top and base, and made a mould of it. Once I cast it, I sanded off the flap from the back and dremeled out the inside to fit on the neck post. I have included a comparison pic of the old and new.

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