Head: SW Mara Jade
Torso, skirt: POTC3 Preview Liz Swan
Arms: POTC1 Liz Swan
Legs: Golden Compass Marisa Coulter
Shoulder bag: Dragon WWII figure
Walther P-38: Marauder, Inc.

No real bio here--Agent Lovegood is just a figure I whipped up, originally intended to be used as a fantasy (swords & sorcery) custom but one that later struck me as being so 60's era I had to go that way. Borrowing a bit from both James Bond and Austin Powers I came up with the "Lovegood" name, which fits pretty well.

She's a tall figure (nearly 4" if not that) due to the Marisa Coulter legs; the POTC1 Liz Swan arms fit well but not as tightly as I'd like, yet convey, I think, the look rather nicely for the era. The shoulder bag was the clincher; it came from a Dragon WWII figure and was the ideal fit here as a purse.

I'm pretty happy with her, and maybe one day if the mood strikes I'll give her an actual background.

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