Body: Roadblock v.16 (25th Anniv.)
Head and flashlight: Big Brawler v.1
Lower Arms: Shipwreck v.11 (25th Anniv.)

Of course I had to use the v.1 Big Brawler head. If he didn't look like Christopher Lowell, he wouldn't be brawlin'. The "Big Brawler" print across his shirt is a decal. I usually prefer to hand paint my lettering, but I really, really wanted it ot look like stencil. I applied it with Duco rubber cement on the back (it's crystal clear and doesn't discolor) and sprayed it with a flat sealant after it dried. I tried to stay as faithful to the v.1 Brawler as I could, but I did make the decision to leave his shirt a tank top, if only to show off his pink triangle tattoo.

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