Head: Dial Tone v5
Torso: Dusty v4
Arms: Law v4
Waist: Dusty v4
Upper legs: Dusty v4
Lower legs: Greenshirt
Gun: Marauder_Inc

Codename: 12 - Gauge

1st specialty: Investigation
2nd specialty: Rapel

Gauge, as he is commonly known, is a police officer in charge of many operations to hunting drug dealers at South Brazil. Once he faced Headman and some Headhunters and managed to put 3 Headhunters down, but lost their leader. He then became Headman's greatest enemy.

Earned his codename because he always have a 12 - gauge at his side and is not afraid to use it. A 12 - gauge doesn't win a fight alone, but can put a lot of holes in an enemy armor, what brings a psychological advantage in a close range fight.

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