Head: Downtown v1
Torso: Bazooka v3
Arms: Dial-Tone v4
Waist: Bazooka v3
Uper legs: Bazooka v3
Lower legs: Rock N' Roll v3
9mm gun: Marauder_Inc

Codename: Brigadiano (Brigadier)

Name: Nunes, Guilherme

1st specialty: Explosives
2nd specialty: Electronics

Brigadiano has an asset that can't be missed. Everyone likes to have him around because of his folk tales. He can lower the tension before a mission and get all the team members focused on their goal.

He is very proficient with explosives devices. Came through a lot of training in many real situations in Iraq, Afghanistan, South Korea, Israel and many other countries.

His courage came to Gen. Hawk's ears when he deactivated 3 IEDs in middle of a thick firefight in Iraq 2 years ago. With that action he saved the medical convoy and made possible for the doctors to save many lives at the hospitals of Baghdad.

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