Base figure SHS Colossus (modded)
Helmet #1: Upsized GTG helmet
Helmet #2: Upsized custom made
Shield: Upsized GI Joe Spy-Troops shield
Skulls: Upsized Chap Mei
Forearm shield/blade: GI Joe Extreme (casting)
Left arm guard: Upsized Chap Mei

Here is my End of Days Serpentor. In this verse Serpentor is a seven-footer, thriving in the post apocalyptic world.
I used basic elements from the V1 design, only with colors from real snakes.
This is one of my more complex customs. Most of the figure was re sculpted in one way or another.
On a personal level I wanted to make something special with this figure, because the first Serpentor custom I added to the Gallery won me two JCAs. So the bar was set.

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