Head: Dusty
Torso: Serpentor
Left and Right Arms: Venomous Maximous
Waist: Rubber snake from Wal-mart (not shown cause it is inside the cacoon.
Cacoon: Plastic Softball (modified with automotive glue to look like seaweed)

My second custom of Golobulous. This time, I found the right piece to make his cacoon. It took me almost 7 months to come up with the perfect design to make Golobulous' cacoon work. I am impressed. The cacoon was a pain to put together. It took at least 3 days to come up with the seaweed look. Grant it, it may come close to his cacoon that he used on the movie, but I wanted to make it where it doesn't open. I am happy that it turned out the way I wanted it.

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