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Figure: Star Wars General Grievious
Wings: from some plastic Brave Saga robot model kit

I was never a fan of either the Star Wars movie or its toys, though I do have some, which i keep for trading for G.I.Joes with Star Wars collectors.

I have, however, taken an interest in Star Wars Droids. And during some time, I bought a General Grievious figure coz it looked like a droid (I'm not actually sure its a droid until now).

The articulation on the said figure was cool, and it was a toy I kept playing with.

When I wanted to do Sigma Six customs, in this case, the Sky-B.A.T., the Grievious figure came into mind, and once I got to the point where I turned around its head, I knew the figure was perfect for the custom. I specifically like the way how it looks like a hawk swooping down on its (joe) prey with its claws (see pictures).

Maybe some time I can get my hands on some more extra Grievious figures so I can try doing an army of Sky-B.A.T.s.

Note: I copied Sky-B.A.T.'s filecard from the SIgma Six series.

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