Head - GTG customs
Torso and arms - Blackout
Waist - Big Brawler
Legs - Duke

I've always thought Iron Klaw is one of the toughest looking characters and had to incorporate him into my Cobra-verse. Cobra Command's Iron Klaw is seriously one of the best customs I have seen ever, so I decided to take mine in a different direction. Instead of replicating Iron Klaw V1 (which was my original idea), I went with a mix between 1 and 2, hence all the silver. My favorite aspect is that the head incoporates something from all three versions, the color scheme of V1, the mask of V2 and the bandana color of v3. I tried many variations but I'm glad with these simple but cohesive result. I won't be satisfied until those skull shoulderpads done though. Any sugestions (especially on the shoulderpads) are welcome!

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