Head: '83 Hawk
Torso: '83 Snow Job (modded)
Arms: '83 Snow Job
Waist: '83 Snow Job
Legs: '83 Steeler

I have always liked the other customizer's take on comic pack figures. I had been wanting to try this for a while, so inspiration for this figure came from issue #11 of the ARAH Marvel comics (see picture), where Hawk and his bunch of happy guns are pictured in arctic settings.

I had a few extra Snow Jobs laying around, so the choice of torso, waist and arms was a no-brainer given the picture. I only sculpted the collar with green stuff.

I RIT-dyed those parts with dark brown to give them a base color closer to what I was going to paint them with. Then I painted everything their respective color, and added an accessory pack laser rifle and binoculars.

This was also an opportunity to find out for myself that light gray AP accessories do not take RITdye at all - nor do they take spray paint very well it seems. A major drawback when using these weapons since the paint will scratch off super easily when placed in the figure's hands.

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