Head: Heavy Duty
Torso: Hit and Run
Arms, Waist, Legs: Roadblock
Vest: GTG
Rifle: Crankcase Galil with added Marauder John 203 Grenade Launcher and Silencer.
Shotgun Side Arm: Marauder John

I wanted a large character figure similar to "Major Barrage" and I think Road Block was the perfect foundation. Throwing together a few spare figures and a Heavy Duty head made a pretty decent figure in my opinion. The gun was kit based as I had about 4 of those Galil rifles that came with Crankcase and a bunch of modular pieces from Marauder John. Plus, by clipping off the bottom of the holster on the thigh, I found that I could add a 12 gauge shotgun as a side arm rather then a pistol. I added the vest after thinking that he needed some place to put his tools

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