Head : '93 Leatherneck

Arms : '89 Rock and Roll

Chest: '93 Bazooka

Waist & Legs: '85 Footloose

To : General Clayton Abernathy

From: Major Ralph Pulaski

Re: North American Joint Counter Terrorism Unit Combat Engineer


The second in our selection for the Devil's Brigade is our combat engineer, call sign Dozer

File Name : Kowalski, Linus M Grade: E9

Primary Military Specialty: Combat Engineer

Secondary Military Speciality: EOD

Birthplace: Brooklyn, New York

Bio: Linus Kowalski is a 5th generation Sand Hog. His family has been building, tunneling, and laying roads in New York since the 1900's. Linus's father, uncles, brothers and cousins all worked in various construction projects and brought him along to teach him the family business. By the age of 14 Linus had spent more time below Manhattan island then above it and by 18 he could drive, build, demolish or blow up just about anything related to construction. Linus wanted more for himself then to just spend life under Manhattan so at 21 he enlisted. After completing basic training he transferred to U.S. Army Engineer School at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri where he received additional training in breaching, ordinance disposal and completed the Sapper leadership course.

Personal observations from Maj. Pulaski

I believe Dozer makes an excellent addition to the unit. His training as a Sapper already gives him experience in including field medicine, navigation, demolitions, air and water operations, mountaineering, mines and urban breaching. In addition he's familiar with urban operations, reconnaissance, raid and ambush tactics.

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