Head: Alley Viper
Torso: Neurotoxin
Arms and Legs: Coils
Waist: Unknown
Shield: Alley Viper assortment

I always wanted an Alley Viper when I was younger. The one that was out didn't really appease me. Orange and blue colors? What were the designers thinking? In dealing with urban attire and camouflage patterns, the urban patterns would be that of Dark Blue, Medium Blue and Light Blue mixed in with strips of black or the traditional gray camo design.

Enough of my rashing. I decided that since Cobra Commander doesn't have an urban assault force, I decided to make a couple of Alley Vipers to be his Special Operations Team. Needless to say, I do plan on incorporating them into my third installment of my next comic book project, entitled: END TIME. The plan is to have an all out war between Cobra Commander and his troopers versus Destro and his Iron Grenadiers with Duke, Gung-Ho, Scarlett and Snake Eyes in the crossfire. It will be interesting.

If you take a look close look on their right upper arms, you will see the MP banner on their arms. I thought it would make them look awesome.

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