Head: Buzzer v1 (modded)
Torso: Destro v1
Arms: Pathfinder
Waist: Sgt. Slaughter v2
Legs: Sgt. Slaughter v2
Accessories: Marauder Uzi, Accessory Pack Firefly phone

Intelligence reports on Frank Bennett are far from scarce. Born on U.S. soil, Bennett served his country for a few years in the Marine Corps. Left for dead in a botched hit n' run mission in South America, he went UA and it was later found out he had joined a cartel. He is supposedly behind the strong supply of refined cocaine that recently surfaced on the U.S. East Coast, and is known for being involved in minor terrorist attacks aimed at throwing off young democracies in South America.

He has been involved on several occasions with Cobra, be it for straight financing or help with local political undermining and subversion.

This custom has been greatly inspired by the Cannabis figure, made by Mainframe, and which gave me a perfect use for all the spare Destro torsos I have.

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