I used a Tomax v5 for the arms, torso and waist
For the head I used a Tiger Force Roadblock helmet and a Cobra Commander face plate..and some electronic parts for the chest cavity.

Having beaten Cobra yet one more time, the Joe's recovered a damaged B.A.T. and decided to take him apart and see what made him tick. They found numerous flaws in the design and many programming flaws as well, noticing that the BAT's program would have them target whomever is on the field whether it be ally of foe. The CAT uses a non-lethal laser that knocks out whoever is on the receiving end of it. The Joe's programmed it to be more efficient in camouflage, tactical and terrain movement. Thus providing it with cat-like feet and reflexes so that it would be able to jump, run and take aim all at the same time. Now Cobra has one more problem facing an army of these CAT's will prove to be more difficult as well as dangerous.

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