i made this B.A.T. PROTOTYPE using a cobra commander v15 for the arms and the legs.
Version 5 Xamot or Tomax for the torso and the waist.
Cobra Moray v1 for the head.
The control panel from Reboots Matrix gun for the face, and the gun arm.
Some old cell phone parts for the chest and the leg.
i hollowed out the chest and arranged the cellphone pieces in there with some glue.

Having had many loses to the Joe's and having troops go AWOL, Cobra decided to create a new fearless soldier. The best minds in technology, programing, Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) and armor came together to form this android to fight along side of Cobra Vipers and bring triumph to the all powerful Cobra. Being impressed by the new style of soldier, Cobra Commander ordered his technicians to create more of these androids. Hopefully, Cobra will have there dreams of conquest.

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