Body Destro with Red String for the boots
Helmet, Cobra Commander Modified and YuGiOh's Slifer the Sky Dragon Wings for the Helmet Adornment,
Chest Plate He-Man's MERMAN armor
Belt and Wrist Blades

Being a descendant of the Arashikage clan Dojo master, and cousin to Storm Shadow he was taught by both Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow. After Storm shadow went to Cobra and Snake Eyes was recruited by the Joes Kento went on a spiritual and mental retreat to determine where his skills would serve the rest of his days..

Although much younger than both of his Arashikage Clan Elders, He is knowledgeable in the style of the Ninja, but chooses to wear samurai garments which he created in honor of his ancestors and a time before the ninja was born. Kento now serves along side of Snake Eyes as his second-in-command against the ruthless Cobra.

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