Head: 25th Flash
Body, knife: 25th Stalker
Harness: 25th Cobra Officer
Parachute: Spy Troops Flint
Helmet/mask: 25th Duke w/ 25th Torpedo mask, hose
Rifle: Marauder Inc modular M-4

This was a simple custom to create. The head from Flash works well for Ripcord and fit the Stalker neckpost with no modifications. The only paint I used was to paint the hands, harness and helmet black and the neck and face flesh to match. The helmet was made using a 25th Duke helmet and attaching the Torpedo mask. Luckily it fits and works perfectly as a HALO mask. I trimmed off the straps from the Spy Troops Flint parachute and glued it to the Cobra Officer harness. All that was left was to outfit him with one a Marauder Inc modular M-4 and Ripcord was ready to jump.

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