Head: G2G custom
Torso: Burnout
Arms: Big Boa (slightly modified)
Waist: Low Light V6
Legs: ?

As simple as it looks, this custom took years to finish! Sorta. I knew I wanted to make Wolvie, but had no idea what direction to take. I finally decided that the Age of Apocalypse version would be the easiest to make and would look nice. One of the problems was finding pieces that would make him short and stocky. I think the legs and torso worked out perfectly. The arms were the biggest pain, especially because I ended up breaking one of them while modifying it. All in all, I am quite satisfied even though the arms looks a little bit too long and the fact that the Wolverine in Age of apocalypse has long hair and a cowboy hat... maybe one day I'll get to that.

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