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Head: Grunt v1
Torso: Destro v1
Arms: Action Soldier
Waist: Crystal Ball
Legs: Corps figure

Cape: Dr. Mindbender v1
Wings: Nemesis Enforcer
Sword: Gung Ho v2

Son of Vlad Dracul, Dracula was heir to the thrown of Walachia. Known as Vlad Tepes or The Impaler because he put his enemies on pikes while they were still alive. After a spy gave his betrothed was given a false report of his demise, she committed suicide. When Dracula returned home and found his love was dead and since it was by her own hand, God wouldn't accept her soul. Enraged by this, since Dracula had fought for God against heathens, he denounced God and cursed God and Heaven. Banished now from Heaven, Dracula is cursed to walk the earth as a soulless creature until the end of time. Using a ancient gypsy curse, he drains the life energy of the living to continue to live and curse the souls of man.

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