Head: Hard Drive (modified)
Body: Duke
Shield: Custom
Helmet: Sand viper
Waist strap: Overkill

This was my submission for the NJC #27. I always thought Duke's body would make a great Captain America, I just wished it could have had a more WWII
feeling. Since I always like to switch things up a little bit when making comic book customs, I figured it would work. The hardest part about painting this custom was getting the red and white lines to be almost flawless, if you zoom into the picture you can tell there are hardly any mistakes there.

The shield was very fun to do. Before I started customizing Joes I built a 3 foot tall Evangelion (01) paper model. I made it very sturdy by using thick paper and adding a couple of clear nail polish coats. Using the same technique I was able to get a strong, yet precisely shaped shield.

So overall, it is quite a different looking Captain America, but hope it's still a good representation.

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