Head - 25th Scarlet Modified
Lower Arms - 25th Gung Ho
The Rest - 25th SS Modified

Agent of the Black Dragon Clan, After losing the last "Mortal Kombat", several of the "Out world" fighters were extremely unpleased at the leadership decisions that cost them the contest. Leading the revolt was Sindell. She lead several fighters out of out world to the Earth realm. Once in the Earth realm, the Out World fighters went their separate ways. Sindell, after hearing about the Ninja Wars, sought out the Black Dragon known as Mantis one of the most dangerous assassins in the world. Sindell easily persuaded him to get her an audience with the "Black Dragon Master of Death" himself. After a brief demonstration of her talent and mercilessness, the Black Dragon Master agreed to a partnership of sorts. He would contract her as an agent of the Black Dragon Clan.

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