Head: Spy Troops Cross Hairs
Body: Order of the Phoenix Harry Potter
Coat: Golden Compass Lee Scoresby

I have been working on another couple of different Doctor Who customs recently. I bought a Golden Compass Lee Scoresby figure to take the coat off and cut it down for another figure. I already had a Harry Potter figure in my parts box that I had bought specifically to use for the 5th Doctor, but I had been considering my options for how to make his long coat. I had considered sculpting it using Kneadatite green stuff, but I kept putting it off. When I took the coat off the GC figure, I just stared at it for a moment, grabbed the Harry Potter figure and put it on. It was an almost perfect fit. I had already earmarked a Cross hairs head, and all it needed was a little bit of sculpting for the hairstyle. I added the pockets on the coat using green stuff, and increased the sleeve size with epoxy.

I consider Peter Davison's reign as The Doctor to be the last great period before things went downhill.

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