Head/Arms: (TRU Steel Brigade Pack)
Torso: Heavy Duty
Waist/Legs: Overkill

To sum everything in two combination paragraphs:

Copperhead was first discovered by Cobra Commander because of his ability to evade his enemy. Cobra Commander offered him a job at commanding a small squad of troops against an two party Joe element during a small insurgent attack on a bivouac site.

Needless to say, it was a successful raid. He and his squad had captured numerous war trophies, including a small hovercraft in which he later repainted it and renamed it the Water Moccassin II.

Whatever people say about Copperhead, all he knows is that when a mission needs to be accomplished, it is going to get done.

As mentioned in the filecard, Copperhead stumbled upon a hovercraft that at one point in time thought it didn't work...after fixing it up, it runs like a kitten.

After completing Copperhead, I was looking through my cache of hovercraft vehicles and low and behold, the Coils hovercraft. I figured, I have a Copperhead figure so he needs a hovercraft. PRESTO! The Water Moccassin II was born.

Smaller than the original Water Moccassin, the top speed that can be obained is 245mph...fastest speed on records for a hovercraft. It can evade any watercraft that the Joes can send after it.

Regardless, I think I found the ideal ride for Copperhead.

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