Head: Good To Go head
Body/Arms/Legs: Viper Lockdown Joe Colton
Jacket: Golden Compass Lee Scoresby

When it was announced that Doctor Who would be returning to television in 2004, I admit I was skeptical. When I saw Christopher Eccleston's performance as the 9th Doctor, I was convinced it was fantastic. He quickly became one of my favourite Doctors. Just a pity that he only did one season.

I was disappointed when the official figures turned out to be 5 inch scale, so I started looking around for a figure to make my own. I settled on the Joe Colton figure as soon as I saw it, but the leather jacket was a problem. Did I try to find one on an existing figure or sculpt one? I was recently looking at the Golden Compass figures with a view to maybe using some bits for customs, and my mind started to trim down the coat that Lee Scoresby is wearing. Did a trade with Dark Horse for one of the old GTG heads, and I was away.

I bought a Harry Potter Grimmauld Place set with Harry and Sirius Black to use Sirius for another custom. I was wondering what to do with Harry and then thought if I do a sex change on him, it would make a good Rose Tyler figure. Did a head swap with a cast of an Episode 1 Padme head, and gave the figure a breast augmentation and painted the t-shirt in the Union Jack that she wore in The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances. The Empty Child figure is a modified Lost in Space Will Robinson. The TARDIS is a money box.

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